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Dark Aid is a brand which is under a wing of producer Softreflector LLC.

Softreflector LLC was far from the first reflector producer in the world, but became the1st, most successful producer because of totally different mind set. Quality and design were the 2 main drivers. First production began in August of 2003, location Estonia, European Union.

One of the main things that sets Softreflector products apart from others is the commitment to quality. To guarantee a seamless experience, entire production process is controlled. From making molds all the way to packaging the final product, is done in house. 

This has the added benefit of making the company fast and independent. 

Softreflector strives to provide a wide variety of designs. Reflectors used to be nothing more than a safety requirement at the end of 90' and beginning 2000, but they’re now an important expression of a person’s lifestyle as well.

Most of the reflectors on this page are EN13356 certified, if not, then there is a good explanation why.